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Introducing Garagesaledroid

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After I moved to United States, I found interesting concept here to sell unused items in your home, called as Garage Sale or Yard sale. The garage sale sell the used thing but it’s still good quality. You can buy something with the cheap price over there. You can save much money from buying yard sale.

But its bit hard to find garage sale which will interesting and near to you, so I decided to use my android development skills to write app to do this which will use current GPS or user entered location to find garage sales and allow search using item names like chairs, books etc. Initial work of android application is complete and its google play now, named as “Garagesaledroid”,

Garagesaledroid which lets you to find garage sales near you. It talks to appengine service which actually aggregates the sale data from various site together as result you get large database of sales in this app. Following is the list of features,

Current features:

  • Find garage sale near you using GPS or preferred location.
  • Filter sale by distance (aerial), sale day, item or location.
  • View sale details and get driving direction or navigation instructions.
  • View sales on google maps with detailed map balloon.
  • Aggregated large sale database.

Upcoming features:

  • Save and organize Favourite sale
  • Get Real time notifications for newly added sales.
  • Set reminders for sale dates.
  • and You can also suggest new feature!

Following are some screenshots from application:

Happy Shopping.