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Criscoredroid- Live Cricket Is Back

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During last cricket world cup, I developed cricket score android application named as cricscoredroid. I had taken this application off from android market for 6 months now as there was not free score provider was available after world cup.

Cricscoredroid was very popular during cricket world cup, it had 4.5 rating in android market and was installed by more than 25k users within 2 months of its release. Reason of its popularity was its very simple and fastest in android market. Also it has some unique notification features.

Cricscoredroid is back in Google Play now with lots UI improvements. Cricscoredroid now features Android HOLO dark theme and Honeycomb styled Action Bar using HoloEverywhere and ActionBarSherlock . What this library does is that if you’re using your app in a device with Android 2.x, it gives you an ActionBar that is a copy of the real Honeycomb ActionBar, thanks to Jake Wharton , a guy who created this library.

It is available on Google Play . Use and rate it on google play!. Screenshots of cricscoredroid with new Holo Dark theme,

Have fun!