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Ubuntu 10.04 Change Is Here!!!

After six months of development, Tomorrow, the Ubuntu team will be releasing Final New Version of Ubuntu (10.04) for public. This is Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, a name that combines reflection and vigilance (lucid) the desire to conquer a predator (lynx).

This release is LTS(Long Term Support), it means technical support and security updates are provided for a period of at least three years to release “Desktop” and at least five years for version “Server”.

To download Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx, you can go directly to the official page: (Available from Thursday, April 29 at 13:00).
Upgrade from an earlier Ubuntu version can be done through a terminal make sure you back up your data.

After upgrade to RC, I experinced something new. Firstly, there is the integration of Plymouth, the system boot graphic that is used in Fedora for quite some time now. Specifically, we are left with only one screen at startup (two cons for version 9.10) and also a boot time much faster.
Canonical wished to develop a whole new identity(Change!!). A new logo (see icon at the top of the article)

Music Store:
Canonical seems to always find a profitable business model. With this in mind we now propose to purchase music tracks online, directly from the media player Rhythmbox.

Other changes includes,

* Use Linux kernel 2.6.32
* goes to version 3.2
* Firefox 3.6
* Gnome 2.30
* KDE 4.4

Ubuntu, Change is here!!!