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GNUnify 2010, My Experience Day 1

Last week I attended my first GNUnify Conference in Pune, it is annual event organised by SICSR an PLUG (Pune Linux User group). It was very good experience, I got chance to listen few open source Geeks around the globe. As it is 2 days event, multiple activities were running in parallel. So missed few “interesting” talks although it was organised carefully based on tracks like Software Development, System Administration, Embedded Systems, Embedded Systems.

Being software developer, I decided to attain all possible Software Development related sessions.

So on day first, I started with “Playing with python” session by Kushal Das. Though I have coded few applications in python already, I decided to attain this, as I have never learnt python in any classroom. It was worth, as I learnt few new things about Python which I was not aware of.

After this workshop, I went for Collaborative Software Development talk by Senthil Kumaran from CollabNet. It was really useful session for me as I had to deal with various SCM related tasks at my work. Senthil introduced RedMine,a project management web application. It is very flexible and written using Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform and cross-database as well.

After this session is over, I walked into another room for “MySQL Shell Scripting”, (Good thing of Gnunify is you can just walk in any room at any time). In that session I got idea how I can leverage shell scripting to automate database related daily tasks.

After Lunch break, I went for Embracing the Web Platform talks from Arun Ranganathan. a member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Advisory Board, and is Chair of the Khronos WebGL Working Group. Arun did more of demonstrated than talk for emerging implementations of HTML5 and other web technologies with tag line “Pictures speak more than words” for which audience applauded. After this session, Web.Next talk from Ragavan Srinivasan gave introuction to “Weave - a framework for building personalized web experiences” and Project Jetpack - reimagining Firefox extensions.

I ended my day 1 of GNUnify with “Next generation Wireless” which gave how me idea about Wireless networking works, I have very less knowledge about networking itself. So it was worth!!

I will write about my day 2 session soon. I gotta go now.

I love freedom (saw this one-liner on Few TEEs at GNUnify)