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Why MS Badly Needs Open Source

Recently MS admitted flaws in IE which allows Remote code execution, it allowed recent attacks on Google’s systems that originated in China. Look at How MS struggling to update its aged Internet Explorer web browser which is very unfortunate.
Lets try to understand what’s Open Source,

Open Source means that the source code of the software may be copied and distributed freely according to the license it is released under.

Open Source software guarantees quality and continuity for the user, because:

* users are no longer dependent on the survival of the software supplier,
* users can continue to develop and change the core of the acquired software,
* users can benefit from successful developments by others who have (previously) used this software,
* rapid bug fixing and feature development with large community base across globe.

The best-known open source software products are the Linux operating system, Mozilla Firefox, the Apache web server and OpenOffice.
Open-sourcing products is the only way that Microsoft can move forward. Look at how many years it took for Microsoft to develop Vista, and how bad it was (Win7 is basically a repaired version of Vista). Look at it struggling to update its Windows Mobile phone OS, which now seems to be an impossible task.
Microsoft will eventually have to start using open-source licenses, to which Steve Ballmer once said “a cancer”!!!

Be community driven rather than commercial driven!!!