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From Java to Python, I'm Loving It.

Its been just three months, I learnt Python (or I started learning it as there many more aspects to learn) and I am already very fond of it. Especially I have started using python for scripting work. I automated few things using python scripts which I had to do regularly like a creating users in oracle, copying / importing oracle dumps, syncing Wiki svn log with svn sever and many more.
Some might argue that you can do the same thing in shell scripts or other programming languages. You can do that but coding in python is 5-10 times faster and this article gives insight comparative of Java with python.
To create connection in Java, it involves three steps but with python its just one step

conn = cx_Oracle.connect(username, password, sid)

I am not bad-mouthing Java here. With JEE6 at doorstep, Java has progressed very well as web technologies.
For now, I will be using python for writing utility scripts unless I get chance to work on real big python Project.
As experienced Java programmers, I found this e-book very helpful for learning python
Coding in python as easy as in Java, I have already written cricket live score gnome applet in python which been huge success.

Being interpreted language Python is little bit slow. With the Java just-in-time compiler, Java is faster.