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Such Huge Response for CricScore Gnome Applet Was Unexpected!!

In fact in its just 2nd day after 1.0-alpha release of CricScore Gnome applet, It has netted more than 100 downloads. Now this is a terrific figure by all means since I wrote this as utility for personal use as fun, I was not expecting it could be a professional gnome applet.
I just shared this across few Linux related forums on orkut, ubuntu communities and got such huge reply. It feel good factor to me.
There has been very positive reply so far like this,

“Great applet! I’ve been looking for something like this. Just what I needed!”, says Jorgo
upengan78 is running it on “gentoo”, he comments, “It is working as intended. Many thanks for such a nice applet. Good luck for more such applets”
Ankur suggested me to make it official package, “Cann’t we have your applet from official repositories ???”
Kamalakar says “I am using it today for India Sri Lanka score. Good to have it on Gnome top panel.”

There has been few feature requests also and few wanted to have one smiler applet for Football/Socker. I have already implemented few features in latest 1.0 release.
There are few people interested to work with me in writing an applet for Football, hopefully I will have it defiantly before FIFA2010.
Arun S.A.G wants to package this applet for Fedora, “I would like to package your applet for Fedora, i have tested it in Fedora 12 it works fine :-)”.

Thanks guys for such motivation and feedbacks.
Today I released 1.0 release, I did not do any code changes, as it did not require, alpha release worked like charm, but I added READEME, INSTALL, COPYRIGHT file as this applet is no more personal :).

There are many feature requests pending on my plate. I will try to work on those in spare time.

Possibilities Are Endless!!!


can you please give me more info?
xsession log will be helpful.
Also check for system requirements,
* Python 2.4 and ElementTree OR Python 2.5 (which already includes ElementTree)
* python-gtk 2.10 or newer
* python-gnome 2.16 or newer
* python-gnome-desktop 2.16 or newer
* python-notify 0.1 or newer
hi, i installed cricscore but cannot add to panel as it gives an error "The panel encountered a problem while loading OAFIID:GNOME_CricketScoreApplet". Please suggest the solution.