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My First Gnome Application, Cricket Score Applet

As huge cricket fan, I wanted to have easy access to cricket scores, right at gnome-panel on Ubuntu OS, the way I see date/time. I searched for it on Internet but could not find. So I decided to write my own a gnome-applet which will show latest score at gnome-panel.
I modified this applet to show cricket score. Originally it was meant to show battery power.
Cricket score applet is written in python using my latest python skills which makes use of rediff scores as source.


This applet can be downloaded from here. It contains script copies the files to the necessary locations to make it show up in the applets list. You have to restart gnome display manager either by re-logging in or with this command:

sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart

This is my first contribution to wonderful Linux world, hence you might find bugs. Please feel free to contact me @


[Update]: Few of interesting user requested me to put details step how to install this utility, here you go:

Download cricscore.tar.gz and navigate to that folder and run following commands, (in my case the folder “~/downloads”) and run following commands,

sachin@sachin-laptop:~/downloads$ tar xzf cricscore.tar.gz
sachin@sachin-laptop:~/downloads$ cd cricscore/
sachin@sachin-laptop:~/downloads/cricscore$ ls cricketscore.server
sachin@sachin-laptop:~/downloads/cricscore$ sudo ./
[sudo] password for sachin:

This step will logout, make sure you save all your work.

sachin@sachin-laptop:~/downloads/cricscore$ sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart

After re-login, Right click in an empty space on your gnome panel and select Add to Panel from the menu that appears. A small window pops open, which displays the panel applets that are installed. Find “Cricket Score Applet” in the list, click Add, and then click Close. A new icon appears on the panel.

[update] hosted this utility at sourceforge


i am getting no module named am i supposed to install this module
Thanks Good work !!! This is just what i was looking for. :)
Great job so far !
Kindly add libvisual alerts for 4s,6s, wickets and if possible audio alerts as well.

Now this is a good idea! Sadly I don't use gnome though…
Thanks Ankur,
I will try to reproduce this.
Ankur Aggarwal
ohk the problem is when i added it in the panel…. no automic updation is there.To view the updated scored i have to select the match again and then new score and the same procedure goes on……..
moreover in the panel ball by baal facts like four and wicket and all also no there…….
but then i run it in shell and it works fine.
the problem is its not working properly in the panel but working fully in the shell.
that my experience
thankx :)
I have no idea as it is working fine for me.
But this issue has been confirmed many users. if you can give me more insight it will be great helpful as you can reproduce it.

Ankur Aggarwal
it works ohk with the shell :) tried that in todays match……….
i m also learning python so according to u what's the problem in previous situation……..
hope u will not mind in telling ur views
try running it in shell
> run-in-window
paste errors here if you get any.


– Sachin
Ankur Aggarwal
hey gr8 work….
but i m facing a problem it is showing the score of the selected match but not updating it……..
to view thw updated score i have to go to the prefrences againg then again select the match and then the new score is visible to me……
whats the problem?
There is no "best desktop", but there is a desktop that's best for you. It's a matter of preference.

I used KDE for a year, specially for Amarok. But then switched to Gnome
I feel gnome has much professional look and feel, KDE is good for who has switched from Windows recently.
which is best one,Gnome or KDE?
Hi Sachin,
nice to see your efforts to share your knowledge through this blog. We are proud to have a team-mate like you. All the best.

- Dhananjay
No… :(. It only works with gnome desktop. Kubuntu uses KDE.
Does it works for Kubuntu 9.10?
@ Amar,Atul
I will try to enhance this applet for football. do you know any such site which provides live soccer/football score like rediff scores for cricket.
Can you make one for football =)?
Hey, good catch, it seems exciting… keep it up buddy… :)
Great desire… really appreciate it..