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Themes for Gnome Ubuntu

I recently switched gnome desktop after using KDE for one year for no special reason. KDE was good experience.
Gnome has very professional look as compared to KDE. KDE is good for people who are comming from windows background.
Currently I am exploring various themes in gnome. Its nice to see you can change your desktop on one click.
I love dark themes. My favourites are,
1) Karmic - x (This is my current theme.)
2) Elegant Brit
3) Mesmerized.

you can explore more dark themes here

I did not like scroll bars in firefox for some of the themes. Its too dark to get hidden with background. Workaround I found is, Just go to the add-on part of their website, and install iFox Metal for your skin.


Update[Mon, Oct 19, 2009] : Oops, My favourite music player “Amarok” stoped working in Gnome. Its known issue in Gnome for KDE apps. As always open source communities, this issue also has work around :). Also Gnome has alternative player, Exaile.
Exaile looks cool and lightweight at 1st glance.