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My Ubuntu (8.10) Experience :)

Its been 15 days today since I became completely OPEN SOURCE. Yes, I dumped windows XP and started using Ubuntu for full time development. These days, I am busy exploring new things in Ubuntu.
Believe me, in these days fifteen days, I never missed my old windows XP set up. I got alternative for each application which I use in my daytoday life for FREE of Cost with full support.
Its been fantastic experience so far with Linux world. Today, I am going to share my experience during my Open source “revolution” phase, :).
  • As I am Java developer , First thing I looked for setting up JDK on ubuntu. Installing JDK was straight forward. I used this link, Install Java on Ubuntu, which is very well organized and clear.
  • Eclipse 3.3 is not available in the Ubuntu repository yet (progress), and I need this version because the plugins (JBoss Tools) I’m using require it. So you need download eclipse 3.3 froe and unzip it to any directory. The locations I used is /opt/eclipse.

    Now configuration for /opt/eclipse. Set Up java_home,

    sudo -b gedit /opt/eclipse/java_home

    and add


    to the top of the file.

    You need adjust increase stack and heap sizes for eclipse/JVM to avoid OutOfMemoryError,
    sudo -b gedit /opt/eclipse/eclipse.ini
    The argument Xms refers to the minimum heap size and Xmx refers to the maximum heap size.

    adjust them as your memory size.

    create executable: Make a bin folder in your home directory, this will be used for the startup script:

    $ mkdir ~/bin

    Next create an executable for Eclipe at ~/bin/eclipse with your favorite text editor by typing vi ~/bin/eclipse or nano ~/bin/eclipse into the command line. Add the following content:

    export MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME="/usr/lib/mozilla/"
    export ECLIPSE_HOME="$HOME/opt/eclipse"

    $ECLIPSE_HOME/eclipse $*

    Finally, allow the script to be executed:

    $ chmod +x ~/bin/eclipse
  • To be continued