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Importing Oracle Dump File as Sysdba.

I wanted to import server dump file to my local system oracle 10g database, I tried importing with following command on widnows command line,
D:\imp sys/password file=test_stg.dmp fromuser=testusr04 touser=testusr04 commit=y
but it failed saying sys should be connected as sysdba, hence I modified it to
D:\imp sys/password as sysdba file=
test_stg.dmp fromuser=testusr04 touser= testusr04 commit=y
it did not work too.

After bit of goggling I found following command which solved problem,

D:\imp userid=’sys/password@test as sysdba’ file=d:\test.dmp fromuser=
testusr04 touser=testusr04

Hope it helps to someone like me, who is not database expert.